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Jamie Koluch is a Senior Photographer for Considering Lilies Photography. She has a background in graphic design and is a natural behind the camera. She is also the daughter-in-law of Kim Koluch. She loves being involved at her church and enjoys movies, music and shopping.

eva + kyle || dearborn michigan wedding photographer

November 6th, 2011

Eva & Kyle. These two are such an amazing couple. With amazing families! We had such a blast getting to know them & spending the day with everyone they know.

There day was gorgeous, with beautiful locations. We were in Michigan, mostly around the Henry Ford Museum. And of course, don’t forget that it was the beginning of November, so there were still leaves on the trees & still looked like fall.

I honestly cannot pick out a favorite part of the day, because it was so wonderful!

So many congrats Eva & Kyle! May God bless you both in your marriage! :)

Without further ado, here are my favorites…

The day started off at the Henry Hotel with Eva getting ready. Isn’t her dress gorgeous?


I love how her jewelry pops against the dark background.


Eva is getting “tied in” to her wedding dress. She made a stunning bride! She actually use to model.


Her ring was AMAZING! I couldn’t get enough of it!


She truly has a beautiful smile! And she was smiling all day!


Eva & Kyle had a first look. This is a garden off of Lovett Hall at the Henry Ford Museum, where they had their reception. They were so, so sweet.


Next came the couple hours of photos we had for photos of just them.


This was right inside of Lovett Hall, in front of the door to the Library. I love it when I picture something in my mind & it translates even better in photograph.


This is inside the Henry Ford Museum.


This is a Model T they were able to get inside of, in the museum.


There is a painting in the museum that actually has Eva’s great great (I think) Grandfather in it. She is pointing directly to him. And yes, that is his name in the picture below.


This is called the “Blue Room”. This staircase & chandelier were just stunning.


This is one of those in between moments of a photos. Kyle had just hugged Eva & was pulling away. I just love everything about their expressions. So much joy!


This is actually a reflection of them in a mirror. These two are just so sweet with each other. But they can also be silly too. And lots of laughter.


This is a courtyard in the middle of the museum. You can see the village clock tower, too. This was one of those “angel’s singing” moments. ;)


Now the ceremony. Ok, so you should have heard my reaction when we first drove up to this church. I was FREAKING OUT!!! It is amazing!! It is actually a model of Scotland’s Melrose Abbey. It was just STUNNING! As was the inside!



Before the ceremony, all the groomsmen gathered outside to decorate their get-away-suv.


And of course, Kyle and his groomsmen gather while waiting for everything to start. Such a great group of people!!


One of Eva’s brother’s sang before she walked down the isle, and she wanted to be able to hear him sing. This is her listening to him. :)


Here is the inside of the church, during the ceremony. Beautiful, right??


Can’t forget the vows, candle lighting & first kiss. <3


They’re MARRIED!!! :D Their exit with the church behind them was phenomenal to shoot!


After the ceremony we headed back to the museum & Lovett Hall. Eva, Kyle & their parents gathered in the Library to chill for a little while. We took a few more photos…


And of course, I couldn’t resist the book cases… <3


We then headed up stairs to the reception area for a couple more photos…


And to photographed the hall…isn’t it STUNNING?!?! So simple and elegant!


Love them!!


Once everyone came upstairs & Eva & Kyle were introduced, they then had the best cake smashing ever! She tried to run away from her cash small. But she totally got him back. ;)


The Maid of Honor & Best Man had very sweet speeches.


I just love the backdrop to their first dance. So beautiful!!


So, this needs a little back info. Eva’s family has fostered many children & have adopted 8 children. This little boy in these photos is Brian. He’s one of the adopted children. He has cerebral palsy, and was never expected to  walk. As you can see, he blew those expectations out of the water. So, he requested to have a special dance with his mom, as a surprise. Oh man, I cried so much. It was such a special moment!


I always I love getting a photo of our couples dancing among their guests. I think it’s a great depiction of them surrounded by love.


Now this is just a fun photo. A lot of the groomsmen & some friends got together to have a shot. ;)


Here’s one ring shot I took. Yes, that is a miniature Eiffel Tower in the background. Eva lived in France for awhile teaching.


Again, just love her ring!!


I think they had a great bouquet & garter toss! ;)


There was a quilt that was put out, that people had signed. I though the “And they lived happily ever after…” was a great touch for the end. ;)



audri + mick || toledo wedding photographer

August 4th, 2011

Audri & Mick got married on a very hot day in July.  But even though it was hot, they had a beautiful day & their love for each other was shining brightly. You can just tell how much they love each other in the photos we took of them.

The day started out at the church where the ceremony was to be held, Templo Cristiano Assembly of God in Archbold, OH. Which is actually my church’s sister church. I know of several people that grew up in that church. It was really neat to know that, since it was my first time their.

Everyone was very welcoming. It was great interacting with Audri & her mom. After Audri got dressed, her Grandma came in and almost started crying. It was a moving moment. One of the photos below is of Audri & her mom kissing her Grandma’s cheeks. She definitely was about to cry.

And Mick was very animated to capture. Being friends with his sister & seeing her interact with him & her family, it was fun capturing those moments.

The ceremony it self was really neat, too. My friends husband officiated the ceremony (which was beautiful). And then both sets of her Grandparents were involved in the ceremony. One set performed a Lasso Ceremony which involved a long chain of beads (represents the infinity symbol) being put around the bride & groom which symbolizes their everlasting union.  A second set of Grandparents presented them with a special Bible for their family.

I always love experiencing different facets of a culture during a ceremony. It was so beautiful!

After the ceremony we took a few photos in downtown Archbold & then drove back to Toledo for the reception & more photos in downtown Toledo.

Here are my favorite photos from the day:

Isn’t Audri just gorgeous?


Such a sweet moment to capture three generations.


Mick makes such a handsome groom.


There was a string quartet playing before the ceremony. I loved capturing them in action.


The two mom’s brought up sand for the unity sand.


Their flower girl & ring bearer were so adorable I could NOT get over it! I took LOTS of photos of them during the day. ;)


Mick seeing Audri for the first time & Audri seeing Mick for the first time. :)


The Lasso Ceremony & the presentation of the Bible.



They were so sweet during the unity sand.


Here is the lovely bridal party! They had a lot of fun!


The bridesmaids wanted to pick up the bride & groom for a photo. That was too funny!



These next two were actually taken in Archbold.



Audri & Mick were constantly do stuff like this. Snuggling, twirling, & dipping! ;)


Such a lovely couple!


See what I mean about the snuggling & dipping?


I love how she is looking at him. It was such an intimate moment.



Love on display.


Look at that big smile! He is one happy man!


A few details of the reception at the Fountain Room at the Erie Street Market.


All the toasts!


In the Fountain room there is this big fountain in the middle of the room. At one point of the night, the flower girl was sitting on the ledge just talking away & being cute in general.


Cutting the cake. I loved the swirly design on their cake. They also had a groom’s cake that looks like the American flag.

The lanterns were so much fun to get in the photos during their first dance.


They definitely had fun that night.


Of course I have to give our photo booth, Eye Candy, a little plug. Our photo booth was a big hit that night. There were constantly people having their photos taken.



I just wanted to say thank you to Audri & Mick for trusting us to capture your wedding day. It was an honor & I wish you both a blessed marriage!

christy + bryan || white house engagement photographer

July 28th, 2011

I love when family members of past brides & groom’s have us photograph their wedding. I photographed Christy’s cousins wedding in 2008.

I met Christy & Bryan out  at her parents Tree Farm in White House. Christy’s dad was gracious enough to drive me around the tree farm,
before I started shooting, to give me an idea of spots for photos. There were SO SO many good spots out there that it was almost over whelming, because I had so many ideas rushing through my head.

As you will see below, I got some great photos of them. :)

Christy & Bryan will be getting married in September & I have to say I am VERY excited! They are both super sweet people & their love shines through their actions. It was an honor photographing their engagement photos.

Christy specifically wanted photos with the Birch trees. They are her favorite. :) I think they turned out great!

I love how her yellow dress makes her face just glow!

These Pine trees were perfect for framing. What do you think?

These trees were the first thing I noticed when I was drive back to the main house. I just love how tall they are and I wanted to capture that in some photos.

I love how intimate this picture is with their foreheads leaned together.

I think this field of wild flowers was a hidden gem. I love the colors!

Let me tell you, this was not an easy photo to get. It took at least 6 tries to get a butterfly to stay. But it finally worked out. :)

This barn was amazing!!! I loved it!

Other than the two photos below, this is my favorite barn photo.

I <3 close ups.

I love the warm, yummy light.

LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this photo!

I think they could be models, don’t you?

Sooo…there are obviously animals on a farm. Including Llama’s.

I was amazed that I could get to Llama’s attention. Random side note, my nieces have a book entitled “Llama, Llama Misses Momma”. haha

Light = <3

You can just tell by the way he is smiling at her that he adores her. ;)

So very, very sweet!

The shoot ended back at the big lodge. Christy’s dad had a fire going, so we took the opportunity to take a few more photos. :)

Keep a look out for a peak of Christy & Bryan’s wedding at the end of September. :)

alexis + ryan || bowling green engagement photographer

July 27th, 2011

Alexis & Ryan met on their day of college in a science class at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, OH. Ryan was being a little noisy & Alexis was sitting in front of him. Well, Alexis turns around and tells Ryan to pretty much shut up.

As you can see, they ended up dating through most of their college experience. They are now engaged & are getting married next year.

They live in Chicago, but they wanted to come back to where they first met & started dating, to have their engagement photos taken.

I was so excited about taking their photos! We went around downtown Bowling Green. And we were also able to get in to the exact class room where they first met so I could take some photos of them. Those were very special to Alexis.

Without further ado, here are Alexis & Ryan’s engagement photos.

Congratulations, Alexis & Ryan!

emily + bob || toledo wedding photographer

July 1st, 2011

You all may remember Emily & Bob’s engagement photos that we took in Chicago last year. Time really did go by fast for their wedding day to come & go already.

Emily & Bob were married on June 18th. They had beautiful Jewish ceremony, followed by the reception. All were held at The Crown Plaza in downtown Toledo. We also worked with Heather from Bee for the Day. She  & her assistant were awesome to work with! I’ll be working with her again in September for one of my weddings.

The day first started off with Emily, her bridesmaids, her mom, Bob’s mom & Emily’s Grandma’s in one of the hospitality suits. Isn’t her dress gorgeous!? I loved the personalized hanger. She of course got it off of Etsy. ;) Oh & her main color was blue…hence the blue shoes & garter.

I love this close up of her eye lashes.

All of her bridesmaids helped her get in her dress. Again, aren’t her lashes great?! ;)

Emily is so beautiful! She always has such a big smile on her face. You will definitely see that through out the day.

And here we are with Bob getting ready. His cufflights & buttons on his shirt were blue as well. I was very impressed when he tied his own bowed tie. You don’t see that very often. And look at his socks! Blue Argyle! So fun! His ring is his Grandfather’s. Very sentimental.

I loved how only Bob had a boutonniere. As the groom, it set him apart & made him more special. Such a handsome gentleman!

We had some fun with him & his groomsmen. The proof is on the left. haha!! But of course they can be serious like they are on the right. ;)

Emily & Bob’s opted for a first look. It was very emotional & so so sweet! I even had tears in my eyes. I just loved his reaction!

This was right before they came out from the room where they first saw each other. :)

After their first look, we took them outside for some photos. Boy was it a blustery day! Her veil flew up into the air all on it’s own. Made for a fun & sweet picture.

Emily & Bob were so cuddly & sweet with each other.

The wind made photographing them fun!

They certainly made it easy for us to capture them with all their sweet moments. :)

I love these two photos! Not only with the tall building in the back, but the light as well!

Here is Emily & Bob’s awesome Bridal Party. Such a fun bunch!

And of course, we can’t forget the ladies! Their dress color was stunning! It was in between periwinkle &  navy blue.

After photos we had the pre-ceremony with the Katubah signing (which is the marriage contract) & the badeken (the veiling of the bride). All the family gathered in a room for this. It was so special!

Here they are signing the Katubah. Isn’t it beautiful?

Right before the veiling of the bride they wispered a blessing in to each others ear.

This is after the Badeken (the veiling of the bride) & as they pray over them.

I love how they are holding each others hands. So precious!

Right after the Badeken, one of Emily’s aunt’s put on her bracelet for Emily to borrow for the day. That was a very sweet moment.

This is the table that is just outside of the room where the ceremony  was. The Kippah is the basket of off to the left. They are also known at Yarmulke (the head coverings).

Isn’t this gorgeous!? This is the Chuppa. The canopy where the ceremony was held.

Here are the vases that lined the aisle, the blessing cups & the tealights that were at the back of the Chuppa.

After Emily was escorted down the aisle by her parents, she then encircled her groom. If I remember correctly, she did it three times. That represents the three virtues of marriage: righteousness, justice & loving kindness.

At the end off the ceremony, Bob broke a glass with his foot, every yelled ‘Mazel Tov’. I LOVED Emily’s reaction right after!!

Now is the reception. :) Here is their cake. Beautiful, as I thought it would be.

And here is some details of the decor. They had blue & purple LED lights all around the room. It made the ambiance  of the room very relaxed.

This was Emily & Bob’s reaction when they first saw the reception all decorated. Love it!!

After their announced entrance in to the reception, everyone was already gathered on the dace floor to witness their first dance as husband & wife. :)

After that came all the toasts. First was the parents & then came the best men & the ladie’s of honor. :) I loved Bob’s reactions during his best men’s speeches. ;)

Aren’t the ‘Mr’ & ‘Mrs’ signs just adorable!?

There was lots of laughing when Emily’s sisters gave their speeches. ;)

Emily & Bob also toasted their family, guests & each other. Definitely had tears in my eyes from their speeches.

The Father/Daughter dance was great! Emily & her dad had so much fun! Bob & his mom joined them in the middle of the song. :)

As is tradition, you can’t forget the Hora! This is were everyone dances in a circle & then they get two chairs, the bride & groom are put in these two chairs & then they are lifted in to the air.

How fun is that!?

This is a very sweet moment. :)

Here are  their rings with their invitation.

And one last shot of them at their reception. Don’t they look so happy!? :D


Emily & Bob, thank you SO much for letting us capture your very special day. We had a bast! We hope these photos bring back the specialness of the day & the memories, along with the emotion, you felt on that day many years down the road.  :)

meghan + dan || catawba island club wedding

June 25th, 2011

You may recognize Meghan & Dan from their engagement photos that I photographed last year. They were married on June 11th at Catawba Island Club. They had such a BEAUTIFUL day! We also got go work with some great people as well. Nikki, Meghan & Michelle from Elite Events, Joel from Decorative Sound, Jane’s Cake’s made the cakes & ALL the sweets from the dessert bar and Beautiful Bloom’s by Jen did all the flowers. Such wonderful Vendor’s to work with!

Well, the day started off with meeting Meghan at her hotel & taking photos of her & her bridesmaid’s getting ready for the day. I love photographing all the details of a bride getting ready at this time.

Her dress was STUNNING! I love the whole gown being lace with the sparkly details under the bust.

Just for her special day, she had her necklace, earrings & bracelet  rented from Adorn Brides. It was all gorgeous! The hair piece in the bottom left corner is what she put in her hair for the reception.

Can’t forget about her getting dressed! The one of her mom kissing her is just priceless! I love moments like that.

I of course had to get photos of Meghan by herself. I loved the shadows in the hotel room. She has such a great smile, too!

Want to know why she is smiling so big!? Because it was her wedding day & she was thinking about her groom. ;)

I would like to tell you about these next few photos. I was asked to if there was any way I could get photos of them WITH OUT them seeing each other. Well, their getting ready rooms at Catawba were right by each other, so we opened the door & had them hold hands. I loved it & thought it was a great moment to photograph.

Here are some shots of Meghan on a small pier over by where their ceremony was held. Again, so stunning!!

Here are Meghan & her bridesmaids’ bouquets.  So beautiful!

We definitely could not pass up the opportunity to take some photos with the boats. ;)

And finally, here is our groom, Dan & his groomsmen. ;) Dan is a police officer in Dallas, TX. So I though it would be appropriate to take some photos with the American flag in the back ground. Isn’t Dan handsome??

Here are a couple of Ceremony details that I could not pass up on posting.

This is always one of my favorite shots for an outside wedding…the guys waking up to the Ceremony sight.

Meghan & Dan exchanging vows & rings during the Ceremony.

Everything ties together. Such a beautiful day!

It’s so much fun being in on a secret. Meghan & Dan were surprised by their moms by receiving a box of butterflies to release towards the end of the Ceremony. That was so fun to watch!

For the bridal party & couple shots, we drove over to a beach near by. Aren’t they snazzy looking group? I love how the hot pink pops with the black dresses.

And here are Meghann & Dan’s couple shots. ;)

They are such a beautiful couple!

The such came shining through the trees at just the right time. ;)

Sand, water, a bride & a groom, a bouquet & bare feet. <3

After the beach photos, we drove back over to Catawba  for the reception. Look at how beautiful it was! I love damask & the pop of pink was perfect!

The toasts were heart felt (my me teary eyed) & funny.

After dinner, we took a few more photos of Meghan & Dan with the hint of pink in the sky.

After the sunset photos, we went back in to the tent where Meghan surprised Dan with a a grooms cake. It was made to look like his police officer’s badge. That was followed my the cake cutting. Isn’t their cake beautiful?

They then had their first dance as husband & wife. (Did you notice the awesome hot pink LED lighting?)

The rest of the night was filled with laughter, fun & lots of celebrating!

Ok, ok, I had to get in one more ring picture. ;)


Thank you Meghan & Dan for granting us the honor of photographing your wedding & trusting us with capturing your beautiful memories. :)

mr. r is 13 months! || perrysburg child photographer

June 25th, 2011

Mr. R is the son of a former bride of our’s.  Kim photographed pictures of him around Christmas time & the other day I had the honor of photographing his 13 month photos in our studio.

He was so much fun to photograph! And such a ham! He has has the most adorable smile!

Kalynn || minnesota photographer

June 10th, 2011

All of my immediate family lives in Minnesota. Including my sister-in-law’s sister, Kalynn. I asked her a few months ago if I could photograph her when we ere going to be in town. She was all for it! I was so excited to photograph her! She is a beautiful girl with a model-esque look to her.

So, we found an AWESOME abandoned road near where my brother & sister-in-law live. It was so awesome that we didn’t even leave that location. I am VERY happy with how the photos turned out!

Thank you, Kalynn, for being my model! :)






Check out all of my favorites:

Little Miss A || Children’s Session Photographer

May 27th, 2011

It was early morning and the sun was shining. There was hardy a cloud in the sky and the dandelions were out in full. It was the perfect spring morning.

Last Saturday I met Miss A & her mom at our studio in downtown Perrysburg. Miss A is 18 almost 19 months old.

We did a few studio  portraits and then we went to Woodlands Park right down the street from the studio.

Me, along with Miss A’s mom, we ran all over the park, while I photographed Miss A. I definitely had fun and Miss A kept me on my toes. ;)

Little girls love necklaces. ;) It was the same for Miss A.


Love the close up of her eye lashes. So precious.


She loves the tunnels. And I did, too. ;)


What child doesn’t love to run!? ;)

She had fun with the dandelions. Though she kept getting them on her mouth. It was too funny.


There were a TON of dandelions!


LOVE the back lighting!


She was just too adorable!!


She loved the slides as well… ;)

Baby Shower Fun!

May 22nd, 2011

If you have been on the Considering Lilies Facebook page with in the last week or so, you know that we now have a Photo Booth for rent. The name of the photo booth is Eye Candy. We are having an open house at our studio on Tuesday starting at 5:30 PM.

But we used it today at my cousin-in-law’s baby shower. It was SO much fun! Want to see see a couple samples?

This is of us cousins & cousins-in-law. ;) We know how to have fun!

This is my favorite from that strip. haha!

You may recognize the middle one since it is my profile picture at the top. haha I did crop & edit it though. ;)

So come on by on Tuesday & check it out, bring some friends, take some photos & get some info about renting it at your wedding or party function. ;)

Go here for our Facebook Event. ;)

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